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Filaments Details


Physical quality of wires

Wire type S S-T SS BS ZS B
specific gravity a/cm³ 7.85 7.85 7.9 7.85 7.85 8.5
tensile strength up to m/mm² 2000 2100 2300 2600 1600 900
temperature stability  (in℃) 300 350 450 300 300 180

*at wire size 0.30

**at continuous load

Chemical resistance(at 20℃)

=comditionality stable
Wire type
C3H4O2 ethanoic acid 10% S S-T SS BS ZS B
C3H4O2 ethanocic acid 80%
HNO3 nitric acid 90%
HCL hydrochiorid acid 2%
H2SO4 sulphuric acid 1%
KOH caustic potash 50%
NaOH caustic potash 20%


Soft B Brass wire(CuZu) straight crimped,dia.0.06mm to 0.50mm
Medium S Steel wire,matural hard,crimped,dia.0.06mm to 0.80mm
ZS Zinc-coated steel wire,natural hard straight,dia.0.30mm to 1.00mm
BS Brass-coated steel wire,single wire,springy,crimped, dia.0.15mm to 0.38mm
SS Stainless steel wire. acid resistant,crimped or straight,dia. 0.15mm to1.00mm
Hard S-T Steel wire,tempered straight,dia.0.30mm to 1.20mm

The most important characteristic for the quality of brush wire is the tensile strength,which determines the abrasion-proof,hardness and cutting duty of the wire brush,The list beside details the wires that are more frequently used today and the table above details the chemical and physical qualities.The indications of the tensile strength refer to a medium wire diameter of 0.3mm.In order to obtain our worle renowned wire quality,we are always in touch with internationally chosen wire manufacturers and thus are in the position to offer you a wide variety of wire qualities for all types of applications.

Abrasive Filaments

Surface speed is a decisive factor in achieving optimum performance from a brush.Please choose the appropriate surface speed on the basis of the materials of the surface,required effects and the power applid.As a general guide,we recommend the following surface speeds when working on the materials listed.Please note: the operating speed should never exceed the maximum RPM ratings for each brush as shown in this catalogue.


Physical quality of abrasive filaments

Basic maerial  Pa6 Pa6.12
Specific gravity(cm3) 1.26 1.26
water absorption(%) 9.5 3.0
stiffness in dry operation(PA 6.12=100%) 90 100
in wet operation(PA 6.12 dry=100%) 40 75
resisitance to abrasion(PA 6.12 dry=100%) 75 100
heat resistance in dry operation(℃) 100 110
in wet operation(℃) 90 100

As-is round filament with integrated silicon carbide(S I C) grit is used worldwide,We offer  grit sizes from 46 to 800,heat stability,a considerable chemical resistance and even grit insertion.

Our basic quality is principally composed of heat resistant basic Nylon material (including all types from Pa6 up to PA 6.12)and a grit percentage of 20 to 40.

Abrasive filaments are especially appropriate for deburring processes and surface treatment of steel, heavy metals,aluminum and even wood.